Court Reporting


Our professional team of legal nurse consultants offers a vast array of experience and has provided in-depth analysis of medical records in areas including, but not limited to, medical malpractice, personal injury, product/device liability, toxic torts, workman’s compensation, and insurance. We will match the nurse’s clinical expertise to the medicine in your case(s). This will ensure an optimal match of resources applied to case review, thus decreasing total case review time while ensuring a quality work product at an affordable cost.

Our nurses are held to strict benchmarks and other quality metrics that are monitored and reported to the management and quality teams. SLP’s benchmarking retrospective data allows us to project a budget for your financial considerations. We continue to develop our nurses through ongoing education, networking, and training.

Solutions for Individual Cases: With one call, you have the convenience and advantage of our professional pool of nurses with clinical expertise in various areas. We will assign the legal nurse consultant that has the best “clinical match” to the medicine in your cases.

Solutions for Mass Torts: Our professional management team has expansive experience in managing and supervising the nurse review process and has successfully mobilized legal nurse consultant teams quickly and efficiently. We implement workflow processes to ensure your cases are completed consistently and accurately according to your deadlines. We can ramp up or down as your needs arise.

Customized Work Product Formats: Upon engagement, we will have an in-depth dialog with key staff members to gain an understanding of your strategies, goals, medical issues, liability, and budgetary restraints. Our work product will be your trusted resource and you will have confidence in its accuracy and consistency. Our analysts will reflect facts relating to exposure, injury, compliance, causation/alternate causation, inconsistencies, and statute of limitations; identification of additional medical records/providers; and suggestions warranting further investigation or expert review.

Medical Literature Research
By researching authoritative medical literature, we provide pertinent facts that substantiate and strengthen your case. If there is medical literature out there to support your case, we’ll find it!

SLP Synopsis™
A cost-effective solution to gain a “birds-eye view” of a case and provides a quick overview of the pertinent aspects of a case, reducing costs and prioritizing which bell wether cases should go to trial first.

Why Outsource a Legal Nurse Consultant
SLP is a trusted outsourcing partner providing benefits that include:

  • Vast experience – SLP Nurse Leadership team managed the largest pharmaceutical mass tort in history plus many other large mass torts
  • 65 registered nurses, representing various clinical specialties; all are SLP employees keeping your staffing costs down
  • Ability to ramp up and down for larger projects saves time and money through efficient staffing
  • One point of contact; “Single Touch” philosophy where our staff pulls any/all information needed so your staff does not have to go in and out of records to pull information
  • Nurses held to strict benchmarks to assure cost containment
  • Innovative pricing including flat rate after representative sample size completed allows for accurate budget projections
  • Consistent, customized work product format for all cases allows your legal staff to understand key components of case giving winning edge in courtroom